4. Saas front

Logo not visible after update

  1. Remove folder “/public/storage”
  2. run command “php artisan storage:link”
  3. copy “/storage” folder from code-canyon downloaded file and upload to “/storage” on server.
  4. All should work

Explanation: /public/storage. This folder is exposed to internet, users form internet are allowed to view files if they know url. It’s like static folder that is linked to /storage folder. /storage folder is hidden from audience¬†only you and your script can upload to this folder.

All data that are uploaded via cms are uploaded to /storage folder and this folder needs to be linked to /public/storage.

Default admin user

We are using Laravel Voyager as admin panel. To create your admin user run command:


php artisan voyager:admin your@email.com --create

How to add new language

For example we want to add french language. ( I don’t know french but this is only for example ūüėČ )

1. Edit config file

edit /config/saas.php and update language part

‘languages’ => [
‘en’ => ‘English’,
‘fr’ => ‘French’,

run command php artisan config:cache

2. Copy info files. It’s easier to edit some view translate than create complex admin for translations.

copy /resources/views/info/en => /resources/views/info/fr

3. Update dropdowns in admin

Login as admin. Go to Tools -> BREAD -> example case studies -> Edit

Find language file and edit json