4. Saas front

Logo not visible after update

  1. Remove folder “/public/storage”
  2. run command “php artisan storage:link”
  3. copy “/storage” folder from code-canyon downloaded file and upload to “/storage” on server.
  4. All should work

Explanation: /public/storage. This folder is exposed to internet, users form internet are allowed to view files if they know url. It’s like static folder that is linked to /storage folder. /storage folder is hidden from audience¬†only you and your script can upload to this folder.

All data that are uploaded via cms are uploaded to /storage folder and this folder needs to be linked to /public/storage.

Default admin user

We are using Laravel Voyager as admin panel. To create your admin user run command:


php artisan voyager:admin your@email.com --create

How to connect SAAS Front with CRM via rest api.

Edit .env file of SAAS Application and setup


run command “php artisan config:cache”

Edit .env file of CRM Application and setup


run command “php artisan config:cache”

Can i use MultiCRM without SAAS Front?

Yes! Saas is optional addon to multi CRM.

Can i use SAAS without MultiCRM?

Yes! You only need to implement your own methods in “App\Service\SaasApplicationService.php”. You can also rewrite any part of application and create whatever you want

How to add new language

For example we want to add french language. ( I don’t know french but this is only for example ūüėČ )

1. Edit config file

edit /config/saas.php and update language part

‘languages’ => [
‘en’ => ‘English’,
‘fr’ => ‘French’,

run command php artisan config:cache

2. Copy info files. It’s easier to edit some view translate than create complex admin for translations.

copy /resources/views/info/en => /resources/views/info/fr

3. Update dropdowns in admin

Login as admin. Go to Tools -> BREAD -> example case studies -> Edit

Find language file and edit json

Stripe configuration

1. Configure stripe keys

Find your keys on  stripe website. Go  to Developers and find API Keys

2. Configure stripe keys in .env file

Edit .env file and set variables
STRIPE_KEY= {Publishable key}
STRIPE_SECRET= {Secret key}

3. Configure Plans in stripe

In stripe first you need to have product and then in product we can define plans.

Go to Billing -> Products and create new product.

Enter product name, for example CRM PLAN. Confirm by clicking create product.

Configure pricing plans.

Click add pricing plan and save.

On product view you can create new plans.

3. Configure gateway_id in SAAS ADMIn.

  • Login to saas admin panel.
  • Go to saas -> plans – Here you can create or update plans.

Find plan id in stripe. Go to Products -> CRM PLAN and click in Pricing plans on plan.