3. Frequent Questions

Can i use Laravel BAP on local computer?

Yes, you can.

  • You can install Laravel BAP on local XAMPP installation on Windows.
  • You can install Laravel BAP on ubuntu.

Is RTL supported?

Ups. Not yet.

How to rate laravel BAP?

You can rate Laravel BAP on CodeCanyon, any good rating will help undecided users to make a comfortable decision. Good ratings help us with future development and improvements and it motivates us!

Read more about how to rate item on CodeCanyon: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269490-Giving-Feedback-On-Items

Can you do customization?

Sorry. We can’t, we have a lot of works with creating new features and improvements. We created a special section in our community forum for jobs. You can post there your requirements – maybe someone from the community can do customization for you.

Can i translate Laravel BAP?

Yes You can. All translations text are stored in language files. For example:

PHP Translation – Files are located in modules:

ex. /Modules/Accounts/Resources/lang/en/accounts.php

If you You want to create new language, create new language folder ex. de (German) and copy & paste accounts.php file to this folder. Then You should have files:


Javascript Translation – files are located in:



You can read more about translations in the documentation.

How to report bug?

You can report bug on forum or You can create support ticket here.


How to add new field

This section of documentation will explain You everything:

How to add new field to module