Laravel BAP Roadmap

Hi, we are planning to intensively develop new features in Laravel BAP, here is roadmap (the order may change, depending on what will happen):

Version 1.0.1 (Released)

Done –  Soft delete constraints – When using soft deletes in Laravel there is big probability that related objects will be broken. Example: when You will delete soft delete language with id =1, all users with this Language will be “broken”.  MySQL constraints don’t check this because the data remains in the database.

We created validator using MySQL KEY_COLUMN_USAGE in Crud Controllers (Module and Settings) to check for dependent data. Now when user will try to delete record that is used in other tables validator will show error message “You can’t delete this record. Check foreign keys: {table} ‘{count}’ dependent records found.”

Version 1.0.2 (Released)

  1. Notifications + Live notifications – We will add notifications section where developer will be able to add notifications via function (function can be used everywhere in code ex. controller, command, job, event etc.) For live notifications, we will add pusher integration. Read More
  2. PDF Print option for Invoices, Orders, and Quotes in CRM.
  3. Generic rest API + JWT AUTH – Read More
  4. Generic Copy button for records

In progress

Visual Module Generator. We are thinking about building something bigger and better. This feature will allow:

  1. Create new module
  2. Add multiple fields
    1. simple text
    2. number
    3. textarea
    4. checkbox
    5. radios
    6. simple select (with array values)
    7. Dictionary select. This will create new Dictionary in module settings section.
    8. Date + Datetime
  3. Add validation rules to fields
  4. Set boostrap columns on fields (This already is implemented in code)
  5. Create ManyToMany Tab with choose of columns from other modules
  6. Create OneToMany Tab with choose of columns from other modules
  7. And more, more cool stuff


  1. Generic import of records from excel, csv with column mapping.
  2. E-mail scanner – setup e-mail box scanner and import as a ticket to CRM.
  3. E-mail client. Ability to send and receive email replies to contacts within the application. Single, group, or bulk. (thanks tgg1061 for idea).
  4. Messages – Users will be able to send messages to each other. This will be like simple fb messenger. This will be integrated with Pusher.
  5. Inline edit
  6. Advanced dataTable filters. User will be able to create new filters with columns with orders and conditions. For example, this will allow creating a filter – all lead form this month with annual revenue > 100,000$ and new status. User will be able to save his filters for later.
  7. Beautiful reports. Integration with open source .