One week left to release BAP SAAS KIT

BAP SAAS KIT is as Laravel self-hosted SAAS Frontend. At first, this will be part of MultCRM and later standalone starter project.

What’s inside:

  • Laravel 5.6
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple subpages
    • home
    • features
    • about
    • terms / privatc
    • pricing
    • contact with working contact form
  • registration  – normal, github, facebook, twitter
  • integration with Stripe (via Laravel Cashier)
  • After signup
    • Account Overview with plan info & invoices
    • Stripe payment
    • Profile
    • Password update
    • Two factor auth with
    • Change plan
    • Cancel subscription
    • Update card
    • Integration with MultiCRM via REST API
      • create company and user in crm
      • deactivate company in crm
      • activate company in crm
      • update plan
  • translation – most of string are in translation files.


and now most important 🙂 

I would be very happy if you could spend 5 minutes and test the bap saas kit ( if you find any error, send it to me at


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