How do I make user or group only see their data?

    • Benjarong Inwongwan
        # 2 years, 3 months ago


        I want to make the user or group assigned to the record can only see their data in the table except for role admin.
        How do I make it?

        Thank you.

      • laravel-bap
          # 2 years, 3 months ago


          here is what you need to change.

          Edit File \Modules\Platform\Core\Helper\EntityAccessHelper

          change blockEntityOwnableAccess and around 66 line remove

          if ($entity->owner == null) {
          return false;

          this will block access to sigle record that is not assigned.

          Edit File \Modules\Platform\Core\Datatable\Scope\OwnableEntityScope

          Around 48 line change code to

          if ($user->access_to_all_entity) {
          $query->orWhere(function ($query) use ($user, $entity) {
          $query->where(“$entity->table.owned_by_type”, ‘=’, null);

          You need to wrap code into if($user->access_to_all_entity). Each admin account should have access to all records.

          I think this should be enough.

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