Add a menu element

  • paulchicago74
      # 9 months, 1 week ago

      How do I remove the bap_menu from the menu title. For example if I name my menu as “Test”, when I save it the name changes to bap_menuTest in the right sidebar.

    • laravel-bap
        # 9 months ago


        there are 2 ways:

        1. If Your menu element don’t need to be translated. Check “Don’t translate” checkbox in menu edit.

        2. Update menu language file.
        /resources/lang/en/bap_menu.php – This is array, add there your menu key.

        for example:
        If You have in left menu “bap_menu.contacts” add
        ‘contacts’ => ‘Contacts’ in here /resources/lang/en/bap_menu.php

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