Access APIs with JWT

    • Bjoern Hennings
        # 2 years, 1 month ago

        Hi all,

        I am struggling to get the JWT Token auth to work. I send email and password of my service user via POST request to my login page, but it will prompt “Page expired” as an answer. When I try to send GET requests to my APIs (with my Token), it will always prompt “Wrong number of segments”. I must admit I have not worked with JWT Auth so far.

        Any help is appreciated on this.

      • laravel-bap
          # 2 years, 1 month ago


          First you need to use login methody. When logged in you will get “access_token”.
          Then you need to use this access token in header auhorization.

          check sceenshots from postman below.

          1. Login –
          2. Get Leads –
          3. Option only for super admin – switch company context –

        • Bjoern Hennings
            # 2 years ago

            Thanks, this worked like a charm.

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