# 3 years, 4 months ago


    Do you have an empty password? There is strange problem with the installation package that we use (RachidLaasri/LaravelInstaller ) when password is empty.

    Please try to setup Your password. If this won’t work run console installer.

    Manual Installer Steps

    1. open console and cd into application root folder.
    2. setup Your database in .env file and APP_URL = “localhost:8000”
    3. run “php artisan config:cache”
    4. run “php artisan cache:clear”
    5. run command “php artisan bap:install”
    6. run artisan serve – this will run php server on localhost:8000 address.

    Step 6 is optional if You are using Apache, but then, of course, U need to map domain to public folder etc.

    let me know if you were able to install.