# 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi! New update coming soon. On next week approximately in two days, there will be a small update, new features and bug fixes. Update is already available in demo.


    1) Improved menu manager -Added options Visibility and Don’t translate
    Visibility – allows hiding an element from menu.
    Don’t translate – Displays menu element label as it is definded

    2) Added new language file – ‘bap_menu.php’ in /resources/lang/en/
    When this file is present menu can be translated here with no need to change lang file in Core Platform.

    3) Better DataTable responsive – Removed default DataTable responsive option and added Bootstrap Response option with scrollbar (looks and works better on mobile and tablet)

    4) Added advanced examples of DataTatables
    – Campaign DataTable – contains now more fields and data from joined tables (Status, Type and Assigned To).
    – Contacts DataTable – Contains now more fields and data from joined tables (Account, Status, Source and Assigned To).


    – Multiple responsive design fixes
    – XSSMiddleware added (configurable via bap.php config file)
    – ModuleCrudController Fixed when creating and updating entity. When user was posting empty value (Choose value) in dropdown there was error with saving to database. Now empty string is converted to null value.
    – Better validation of file uploads.
    – Other small fixes.