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First! Thank you for being interested in our product!

What is Laravel BAP?

Laravel BAP – is a modular, customizable web application solution written on the basis of one of the leading Laravel 5.6 php frameworks, 5.6 this is one of the newest releases of Laravel. As a database, we use MySQL but you can also use a different database such as MariaDB.

Modular architecture allows you to quickly and easily build solutions that you can later transfer to other applications, saving time and money.

Module Generator – Controllers, Routes, Migrations, Entities, Forms, Files all that is needed to run module in minutes. All with simple command bap:codegen

Who is it intended for?

Our product is intended for several groups of people.

For professionals developers –  You are a professional developer who wants to have a highly extensible base product with the modular architecture, CRUD, roles, permissions, language, time zones, menu manager etc. and want to quickly build their own customized solution? This product is for You.

For novice programmers – If you are a beginner and you want to know now a well-structured, with good practices, modular solution. This product is for you.

Small Company, Medium Company – One part of our package is ready for deploy  CRM with over 30 ready-to-use features and modules. Need program for contact with customers? Need calendar, invoices, tickets, leads, deals, orders..? This product if for You.



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